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Grace Cottage Hospital’s Governance

Grace Cottage Hospital opened its doors in 1949 through the dedicated support of the surrounding community. Currently Vermont’s smallest hospital, with 19 beds, Grace Cottage is literally a community hospital – volunteers provide a myriad of essential services, from gardening to clerical support, strategic planning to fundraising, plus many other activities.

Public Meeting Schedule:

Grace Cottage Hospital’s volunteer Board of Trustees meets once every two months at the hospital; various committees of the Board also meet regularly; the trustees also hold an annual all-day retreat for the purposes of education and planning. Members of the public are encouraged to contact a Trustee with any questions, comments or concerns they may have.

The trustees views themselves as community representatives responsible for the effective management of the Otis Health Care Center and Grace Cottage Hospital, working to meet the healthcare needs of the people living in, working in and visiting the towns of southeastern Vermont.

The hospital’s strategic planning is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees. Trustees seek the input of others in the community as they come into daily contact with people within the hospital’s geographic service area. Various public meetings are held annually in a further effort to solicit public input into the hospital’s strategic planning process. Announcements for these meetings are published in the local press, via flyers posted in prominent locations, and on this website.

Contact Information:

The Board of Trustees selects and appoints an Administrator/Chief Executive Officer, who can be reached at (802) 365-7357 or or PO Box 216, Townshend VT 05353.

A copy of the hospital’s Annual Report is available to the public from Grace Cottage Foundation, at (802) 365-9109 or or PO Box 1, Townshend VT 05353.